Faith and politics or the politics of faith

On the day after the country was galvanized by changes in the leadership of the Labour Party, at St Matthew-in-the-City we hosted a pre-election conversation. It wasn’t a conversation with the politicians. Political parties were not mentioned. It was a conversation amongst people of faith about what questions to ask, what issues to reflect on … More Faith and politics or the politics of faith

Discovering religious diversity: breaking the stereotypes

On Thursday July 20 I was part of a panel at AUT organised by the university’s Diversity Office. There were 4 speakers from different faiths as well as the Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio. The conversation was a rich one and these were my remarks: It is a privilege to be with you all today … More Discovering religious diversity: breaking the stereotypes

Holy Week Labyrinth

The idea of making a pilgrimage has become popular again. Many people now travel to Europe and walk the ancient pilgrim road known as the Camino across Spain to Santiago de Compostela. Through the ages the church has provided pilgrims with ways of making a pilgrimage while staying at home. This is how stations of … More Holy Week Labyrinth


At St Matthew-in-the-City we are talking about water. And not just because this last week in the north of Aotearoa it hasn’t stopped raining. Although extreme weather is part of the conversation. We are joining a worldwide conversation #justwater17 See the programme here Water is a topic that appears in our NZ media every day … More Water