Sunday (23 May 2021) was Pentecost, which for Christians is an important celebration, up there with Easter and Christmas. It remembers the day when the Holy Spirit came to the first Christians and began their new life as a community. You can read the description of the strange events of that day in the Book … More Jerusalem

Good Friday moments

Way back in March 2020 just as we were descending into our first experience of lockdown Kirsty Johnson wrote this article in the NZ Herald recounting the extraordinary achievement of the woman we now know to be Jacinda Thompson. Ms Thompson did not give up on seeking justice for herself and change for those who … More Good Friday moments

Religion on the TV!

Yours Faithfully – now showing on TVNZ on demand  Making a TV series about faith in Aotearoa is a surprising and yet very helpful venture. Surprising because New Zealanders don’t talk about religion. It is seen as something private, not to be discussed in polite company. And helpful because we really need some education in … More Religion on the TV!

The church, the LGBT community and “apologies”

The church usually only gets a mention in the media if it’s being homophobic or being accused of abuse. After the Christchurch massacre we had the opportunity to see a faith community respond with love and care to the deepest sorrow that a community could imagine. For a while anyway it seemed that we had a … More The church, the LGBT community and “apologies”


  A couple of the recent conversations in my world: On Saturday 4 May I was interviewed by the indomitable Kim Hill. You can listen here And on Sunday 28 April we were privileged at St Matthew’s to celebrate the blessing of a marriage for 2 women parishioners who were to be married later in … More Conversations